[Watch] Allstar JR Is Good In Every “Big City”

HHW Staff

 Allstar JR.is now continuing to stake his claim as Michigan’s most consistent rapper. After dropping countless visuals supporting his latest high-energy L.P., the Get A Bag Records C.E.O. is back with “Big City.” The new visual shows him and his team going state to state, connecting with all of JR’s homies who double as some […]

David Revuelta: Finding Your (Singing) Voice

HHW Staff

Do you struggle to sing in public but long for a music career? Spanish musician David Revuelta gives confidence-boosting advice. New musicians suffer from those horrible balls of nerves in the pit of the stomach. If you are stricken while you sing, you may even find that your voice starts […]

Celina Smith Drops her New Track “Right Now”

HHW Staff

When Celina Smith released her hit single “Right now”, it launched her to stardom overnight. The song has been described as an out-of-world experience by the listeners. The song trended on many streaming platforms and was an instant hit. Today, Celina Smith is a world-renowned artist. Celina started her career […]

Listen to Victoria Lee Robinson’s “Blissful”

HHW Staff

Victoria Lee Robinson has blessed us with yet another of her amazing works. Her music is usually upbeat, making you want to dance as soon as you finish listening to it. However, “Blissful” is an exception. And after you hear it, you’ll understand why. Rumor Records has respected her decision […]

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