Get to Know Upcoming Artist, Yunoshy

HHW Staff

What first got you into music?I got into music when me and my cousins would just randomly freestyle and it sounded good. This was real fun  Who inspired you to make music?My inspiration for making music came from it being like therapy for me. It makes me escape into a […]

Ryte Eye Ty is an Artist to Look Out For

HHW Staff

Ryte Eye Ty, born Cornelius Webb in Pampano Beach, FL, is an American singer, songwriter, and producer who fell in love with music at a young age. At only 13, Ty knew he had a talent for songwriting, and knew that that’s what he was supposed to do with his […]

Rising Star, Singer, and Songwriter Meraki

HHW Staff 1

Meraki has had growing success over the last 2 1/2 years. Putting him on another level being featured on Teen Kid News through ABC network, Radio play on Hot 105, and a commercial with 103.5 The Beat / iHeartRadio.  Meraki has had a rough journey getting to where he is today but […]

DJ Geez On The Rise

HHW Staff

DJ Geez started developing his musical skills at an early age, exploring many instruments through the local church. The cello, saxophone, electric guitar, the drums and most importantly the piano were some of the instruments learned by Dj Geez. Winning the hearts of family members and neighbors. DJ Geez knew […]

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