Cadillac Shorty Shares ‘Habitual Hustler 2’

HHW Staff

Hip-hop artist Cadillac Shorty is back with his new album Habitual Hustler 2.  Fellow Miami natives; like Cadillac Shorty will recognize the iconic local landmark Cadillac chose to use as the backdrop for the cover. This is an album sure to deliver especially when you take into account the fact […]

HHW Reconnects with Rapper Keary Kase

HHW Staff

Last time we spoke to you said: “Music is my meditation. I’m just in it for balance”. Did you find yourself leaning into the craft of your music more than ever throughout the pandemic?  Not really. I was seasoned in the 90’s. I would say that this is the level of mastery in the […]

Ray Knowledge CEO of Visionful Shares his Secrets of Success.

HHW Staff

Recently, Yahoo News sat down with Ray Knowledge to get his thoughts on current affairs, the film industry, up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and other creative efforts. Ray Knowledge is the CEO of Visionful and an independent filmmaker. Through his company and innovative app, eConsultMe, Ray has enabled countless entrepreneurs to access millions […]

Meet Bay Area Recording Artist Bakes

HHW Staff

Bay Area bred rapper and songwriter Bakes is an independent artist based in San Diego who has been working in the music industry as a self-contained musician for the past decade. The rapper has always had a “do-it-yourself” approach which has helped him remain a creator with absolute control over […]

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