Upcoming Female Artist Zodiac Tracks – Vital Virgo

HHW Staff

Jessica Robinson stage name Zodiac Tracks is an up and coming Rapper/Producer coming out of the Bay area. Jessica (Zodiac Tracks)Has loved music all her life but just started releasing music recently with her first release “Vital Virgo” in 2021 and her following release “Caring Cancer” also released in 2021. With […]

Itz Jaleel Drops New Single “Don’t Play Me”

HHW Staff

Meet Nashville, Tennessee artist Itz Jaleel, the next big artist out of Tennessee. He started rapping around middle school then he released his first track on Soundcloud during his junior year in high school. After high school, he started college at Tennessee State University. After a loss of an important family member he […]

Gogetta80 Shines On His Newest Single “Sinin”

HHW Staff

Just as the cover art depicts, “Sinin”, the latest record by Gogetta80 is one of the hottest out. Gogetta80 has been on an extended winning streak lately and it looks like he’s doing his best to keep the w’s coming as he debuts an anthemic new single. The instrumental carries the talented artist over […]

HHW World Premiere I Am Natrell “Notice”

HHW Staff 5

Ask any American — any global citizen, really — about the last eighteen months, and there’s a good chance you’ll hear a story of hardship. What we’ve collectively faced has been unprecedented: a relentless, invisible foe that has ripped through our communities and left ordinary people gasping for air. But […]

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