New Video from Maine SFSG “Free”

HHW Staff

Trap storytelling meets creativity, that’s how Jacksonville’s very own @MaineSFSG should be described. From the moment you press play on his latest video release, “FREE”, you will be welcomed into the melodic tunes that speak to your consciousness. Gifting us with a new style and outlook on punchlines, classic production and thinking […]

Gbeke Shares Video for “Top Priority”

HHW Staff

“Where words fail, music speaks.” This sensible quote from Hans Christian Andersen is embodied by up-and-coming R&B/afrobeat star Gbeke. Through years of devotion to the creative writing process — whether poetry, songs, or journaling in general — she has learned to reflect on personal and universal experiences to channel raw emotions […]

Stack13 Underground Hip-Hop artist from California

HHW Staff

Underground hip-hop artist STACK13 uses music to express deep emotional truths, honor and remember lost loved ones, and guide others through the hardest moments in life. She views rapping as a vital outlet, not a vehicle for fame, and is unafraid to tackle subjects like death, depression, and PTSD in […]

Done Wright Talks New Single “Aruba” and More

HHW Staff

Multi-talented American musician, vocalist, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur David Wright Jr., aka Done Wright, is a true class act in his approach to the hip-hop game. Born in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, NY, his sound was heavily influenced by icons such as Nas and Mobb Deep and the cultural […]

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