Aussie Rapper Baba T Drops Debut EP Inspired by Breakup

On his debut EP Know Me, Sydney, Australia rapper Baba T charts the stages of a breakup across five songs. The EP begins as a relationship gets rocky and ends with not only accepting the breakup

but being better off because of it. The songs encompass the pain and loneliness of separating, but they also find resolution. “It was after a breakup that I kind of just really focused all my energy into music,” says the rapper.

Know Me kicks off with one of the singles, “Tell Me.” In the song, T thinks about the relationship’s fracture and wonders what’s next. He confides in the listener, revisiting some moments from the relationship whose end inspired the EP. “’Tell Me’ was definitely a little bit more personal because I spoke on some things that happened in my relationship towards the start of the first verse,” the artist says. Ultimately, he realized being confessional would help him connect with others who’d been in the same place. “Tell Me’ is a relatable song that lots of people can connect with,” he adds.

Next, “Tom and Jerry” encapsulates the breakup itself. The song mimics the back and forth of an argument. “We just go back and forth like Tom and Jerry,” Baba T raps. In this song, he also revisits his relationship, rapping “I should’ve learned my lesson back in January.” That song is followed by “Empty,” which paints a crushing portrait of a dark time after the breakup. The beat is dramatic, nearly orchestral, as Baba T chronicles the self-medication and second guessing that often follows heartbreak.

“Blue Cheese,” the EP’s other single, depicts a much happier time. It’s an easy, fun song for the moment after a breakup when one finally feels liberated instead of bereft. The beat is relaxed and perfect for a drive on a sunny day. “It wasn’t intended to be anything serious; I just wanted to show a fun, energetic side of my personality,” the artist says.

“I saw a quote recently that says in every breakup, one person comes out a lot better. I just wanted it to be me,” Baba T laughs. “Blue Cheese” leading into “Too Late” shows that he probably did. In the closing track, “Too Late,” His quick flow spills over a percussive beat layered atop a somewhat psychedelic one. The resolution he expresses on that track is a far cry from the frustration that began the EP, showing the healing power of music once again.

Know Me is the first EP by Baba T, but he’s hardly new to the world of rap. He co-owns a publication that interviews rappers, enabling him to make a lot of connections over the years. He’s watched the rap scene in Sydney grow, but says it’s still very underground and grime, in contrast to his own aesthetics. As that scene has expanded to include “subgenres with an Aussie twist,” Baba T is making a place for his own style, one that he hopes to take beyond Australia. He’ll be in the U.S. for a time starting in August 2021. He’ll also be appearing on a Hip Hop Collective collaboration of old school artists matched up with new school artists by Hip Hop Blvd, which will be distributed via The Orchard/Sony Music. Baba T is matched up with double platinum artist M.C.Stik-E.

Know Me dropped April 2, 2021, and is available on all major streaming platforms. To learn more about Baba T and follow him on social media, see the links below.

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