Always Moving forward, Kayo Hustle Releases New Single “Never Again”

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Kayo Hustle is an artist, producer and business owner who has put his all into the industry. With the name Kayo coming from his Knockout skills as a rapper, it is no doubt that his latest single “Never Again” is going to turn out as a smash hit. He is definitely a musician to look out for.

Having begun making music at a young age and growing up with a mother who was a talent manager, Kayo Hustle has a lifetime’s worth of experience in the industry. “I actually started my career opening for Nick Cannon because my mom was a talent manager who used to book comedy acts. For all of those acts, she would have Nick Cannon open for them and I would open for him. That’s how it started. But then I went to college and started my first record label, On Fyre Entertainment, and started producing. I didn’t start rapping until 2006 which I did to pay off some fines I had. It’s all history from there!”

Influenced by artists ranging from Jay-Z to Nipsey Hussle to 2Chainz, Kayo Hustle has always been in love with Hip Hop. “I remember listening to 2Chainz and thinking I would never be releasing music at that age and then a few years later he blew up. I kind of put my foot in my mouth with that one. I have been around for a while and I’ve seen a lot of careers blow up and a lot of them fade away. It has been a wild ride.”

Kayo Hustle defines his own sound as being Reality Rap. He has no intention of glorifying the world in a way that misleads people and is truly focused on being a relatable musician whose music people can see themselves in. “There are so many artists out there hyping up a lifestyle that they aren’t even living and there are fans out there glorifying this unrealistic lifestyle in the hopes of living in a way that a lot of people aren’t. I want to be realistic and relatable to what people are actually going through.”

“Never Again,” Kayo Hustle’s latest track is a song about the growth and change that he has experienced, especially over the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. “It really focuses on the way that I was living and the change that I was going through. The pandemic was hard for me from a financial point and a mental point. I got myself out of that space and I am never going back. That is where the title ‘Never Again’ came from.” It didn’t take long for Kayo Hustle to put the song together, with the lyrics coming to him while driving past familiar landmarks in his life, thinking about where he had come from and where he is now. “I remember driving by a familiar landmark and a beat that I had been looking to make a track with came on and the lyrics just came to me. I had them stuck in my head the whole way home and I just had to record them.”

Kayo Hustle has big goals for the future. Not only does he plan to put out more music of his own, he will also be returning his focus to producing and helping other artists to grow their own platforms. He will continue to promote his merch line “iGot Hustle” as well as his tracks, which are available on his site,

Check out Kayo Hustle and his latest tracks via the links listed below.

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