Always Growing, K!D Cable Discusses His New Single ‘Moves’ and Album

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K!D Cable, a self-produced Hip Hop artist based out of Florida, has a lot going for him right now. With his newest single “Moves” and his album “Faith Over Fear” having been recently released, he is already proving what kind of amazing things he is capable of.

Because of a talent show in his sophomore year of high school, K!D Cable began making and later producing and mixing his own music. “Getting into music started when I was a sophomore and I did this talent show and ended up winning second place. I started out with music the same way anyone does. It had been a part of my life, but I wasn’t making music myself until that point in time.”

K!D Cable accredits much of his interest in making music to his high school friends who were also interested in music. “I had friends that I met in high school who were music kids, and by

that I mean they just knew a lot about high level art. They influenced me to start researching classic albums and start looking into music and different genres. A lot of the artists that I first ended up really getting into were James Blake, Kanye West and Frank Ocean, to name a few.”

Defining his music as Art Rap, K!D Cable moves through a variety of Hip Hop styles. One of the most captivating songs of “Faith Over Fear” is his latest single “Moves” which harkens back to the College-Dropout era of Kanye West with an impressive chopped sample from The Rascals. “‘Moves’ was produced by me. It was mixed by me. It was written by me, and it was written in a time where I was on my own. I was just alone in my home studio trying to write the best music of my life and put together an album. That’s what you’ll hear on “Moves:” a lot of drive and ambition to make my situation better. That’s really what you’ll hear on the entire record.”

“Faith Over Fear” also focuses on his goals of improving his personal situation. In the time before recording what would become “Faith Over Fear,” K!D Cable struggled with opiate addiction. “I was at a low point in my life and I was battling opiate addiction right before I started making this project. In a way, the album is my story of overcoming my past and creating a new future.” Since recovering, K!D Cable has been hard at work, recording over 30 songs before choosing the final track list. “The album took about a year to make and put together. It is the first real project that I’ve been able to put together since my career started during my sophomore year of high school. This is the first project that I’ve been able to get really serious with and be really proud of. The main theme of the record is really just about growth. That’s what a lot of the tracks are focused on and that’s really the theme of the whole album.”

The name of this album came about during K!D Cable’s time in a mental hospital, when a psychiatric doctor taught him about secondary emotions. “He explained how fear is under anger and below that is lack of faith.” This concept became the idea behind the name “Faith Over Fear”.

Right now, K!D Cable is in the middle of creating a new music video. He plans to continue to release music and hopes to keep putting out music that gives his listeners hope and brightens their moods. “I just want to have a platform and be able to give my fans what they want and be able to do it at the level that they want. That’s my main goal.”

Listen to “Faith Over Fear” today and stay tuned for more from an artist we certainly haven’t heard the last of. Check out K!D Cable’s music as well as his social media with the links that follow.

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