After Rebranding Himself, and Making Some Life Changes South Central, Los Angeles Artist, Shakur Luciano Proves Why He’s Next To Blow

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Knowing that old ways can’t unlock new doors, recording artist, Shakur Luciano, stepped out on faith, deciding to rebrand himself and reclaim his throne. The streets of South Central, Los Angeles, raised him and gave him his musical inspiration. Doing whatever it takes to make it out of the gritty streets alive, he turned his street smarts into the tools he needed to succeed in the music industry. With hard work, dedication, and God by his side, everything he hoped for, he achieved independently. 

With Covid-19 affecting the whole world and causing it to shut down, he dedicated this time to evolve his music. After building an at-home studio and starting his video production company, nothing seemed impossible. His entrepreneurship elevated to a new level.

In a number of months, he was able to gain the attention of A&R’s at various record labels. However, he quickly decided that his vision had changed. He turned each one of the deals down to stay independent. Now ownership was a priority for him.

Soon after that, he applied more pressure and went viral again with his work ethic. New singles were released back to back that all charted on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Luciano was also featured on The Source, Hip Hop Weekly, and LA Leakers #LEAKShow on Shade45 SiriusXM.
Most may know him from his hit song, Hennessy and Moscato, which broke the airwaves. Recently releasing his popular song, Chrome Hearts, garnered attention from more A&R’s and DJs. Advocating for ownership with music labels is his primary focus. As well as growing his career as a full-time YouTuber with his channel surpassing 20,000 subscribers. 

We were able to catch up with Shakur Luciano and he let us his plans for the future and what deals he has on the table. Check out the interview below!


Introduce yourself to our readers! Let them know your name, where you’re from?

What’s the deal! I’m Shakur Luciano from South Central, Los Angeles.

How long have you been doing music?

It’s been seven years total. Professionally three years.

What inspired you to get involved with music?

The love of music. It’s like a blank canvas you can put your voice on and turn it into art like Picasso.

What was that moment in life when you knew this was going to be your career?

When I was fourteen in juvenile hall, the other minors would trade me snacks to rap my songs to them. The staff would also allow me to have special privileges like getting on the phone for a few minutes longer. One time in camp, I was beating on the walls, harmonizing a song I had just wrote and one staff member named Jones happened to be walking by at the same time. He started listening to me, and he had a shocked look on his face the whole time. He walked away for a few minutes then came back with a tear in his eye. He told me he had to walk away because he didn’t want me to see him crying. I really didn’t know what he was going through, but he told me to leave these streets alone and pursue my music because I have a God-given gift.

How did the streets of South Central, Los Angeles, prepare you for the music industry?

In South Central, you deal with a lot of different personalities. I learned to change my vocabulary depending on who I am around. You learn how to read people and situations at an early age and adapt to your environment. It teaches you how to trust your gut instinct and be strategic. If you apply your street smarts to your everyday life, you can succeed in any business corporation.

You decided to rebrand and reclaim your throne. What was the motivation behind it?

Although I learned a lot of positive things from the streets, I also learned some negative as well. If I wanted to elevate musically in this industry, I had to make a complete 180 change. I worked on myself as a man first, then got my business together. These label owners and people higher up can sense when you’re inexperienced. I didn’t want to get played like that.

During Covid, things were shut down, but a lot of people found different ways to hustle. What did you accomplish during Covid?

The birth of my son, during Covid, instantly birthed a different side of my hustler instinct and mentality. My family had to survive. People were out of jobs without warning. It’s a blessing God gave me the ability to work from home. I created my own studio. I did everything via email and the internet. I didn’t want to meet with anybody face-to-face. Zoom meetings became my norm. I also started my clothing line, High Maintenance LA, hand making my own jeans. I also made the decision that my health had to become a priority as well. Drinking Sea Moss and juicing is a part of my daily regimen. Health is wealth.

Has anyone helped you get your foot in the door?

God is my primary source of getting my foot in the door. The first year and a half of rebranding myself, I didn’t get to interact with people like I would have wanted. Then the second half, Covid hit, so I didn’t have much face-to-face interaction with people. However, I’m still getting connections through my buzz on social media and streaming services.

What do you expect to get out of the music industry?

I’m expecting to be one of the biggest musicians in the world, known for my creativity, dignity, and my raspy harmony. I see myself as a young Master P.

You made some noise with “Hennessy and Moscato” and “Chrome Hearts.” Did anything develop from the success of those singles?

Yes, I’m in communications for a distribution deal for Chrome Hearts. The difference between a record deal and a distribution deal for me is that I can have total control over my song.

You get the chance to collaborate on a song and make a hit record with any two rappers. One dead, one alive, who would it be?

Nate Dogg and Blxst.

If you had a chance to record with any producer, who would it be?

Dr. Dre

Who are your TOP 5 artists of ALL TIME Dead or Alive?

A: 1) Tupac 2) 50 Cent 3) Nate Dogg 4) Chris Brown 5) Bryson Tiller

What’s next for Shakur Luciano?

Hitting the Billboard Hot 100.

Tell our readers where they can reach you, let them know where they can stream your music?

They can reach me on Instagram @Shakur Luciano

YouTube @Shakur Luciano

Streaming Services- Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc. @ Shakur Lucian

Stream Chrome Hearts

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