HUEY V Pays Tribute to his Hometown in New Video “More Love.” & Preps For Performances at SXSW

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Warehouse Music Group lead artist Huey V is putting numbers on the board and is full speed ahead on his mission to dominate the rap game. From his latest video “After the Deal,” to his last EP release, 1 million is his magic number, however his new video More Love zooms in on his love for his city Milwaukee.

His last EP “As Above ” spoke to gun violence and despair in his hometown. His new video “More Love,” puts his audience in a visual location and gives a vivid picture of his surroundings growing up. Huey V poetically describes the pain he’s experienced due to losing loved ones from gun violence. This is the second video off his highly anticipated EP “So Below” which is set to be released in April.

Following his video release, Huey V will be performing at various SXSW stages including HHS1987 Live From 6th St (3/16), Thumpin Thursdays with MC Buddha (3/17) and more. In preparation for his second EP “So Below,” Huey V will be in Milwaukee visiting Rufus King Middle School to talk to kids about ways to cope following the aftermath of gun violence.

With major co-signs from Source Magazine, Revolt TV, Rolling Out Magazine, Rap Radar and more he is not only raising awareness but telling his truth in More Love., video

We caught up wuth Huey V check out the interview below

Introduce yourself to our readers, let them know your name and where you’re from

Yo! You already know what’s going on , It’s your boy Huey V – Face of my city Milwaukee WI. North side baby born & raised & you’re now tuned in to my sit down with Hip Hop Weekly

When did you start doing music?

 I started making music when I was 14 but I never took it seriously until I started hustling for my own equipment at 16 or 17. At that point I was with whatever and I started recording anybody from the hood who had that bread, putting it back into my craft. One hand feeds the other (you feel me). I did this until I graduated and then the doors opened up. 

When was the moment you knew this was actually going to be your career?

I knew this going to be my career after my first time hearing “No Regrets” in the studio, I realized that it was up from there. It was the first song that no matter where I played it, who I played it for – it spoke to everyone. It was like striking fire for the first time. I apply that same feeling to every song I approach till this day, so when I signed to Bleek it just put everything into fruition.

What or who influences your music?

 Life and Reality inspires me. The music that touched me the most was always the most honest. The most vivid. So when I apply pressure to that pen, it sounds like poetry. I grew up on a lot of different types of music and that all plays a part into my style. Between my brother putting me on to west coast – original gangsta rap, my pops showing me my first Jay Z , Rakim & Big Daddy Kane music videos & my moms side bumping Pac & oldies in the crib; it really opened my ears to where I could take this before I even knew it. 

What’s the process of creating music for you?

 I try to create as freely as possible. Always start my sessions with a prayer – trying to tune in. Three bottles of room temperature water, a big blunt of Champelli and boom! Magic happens. As long as the beat moves me, the song basically writes itself.

What’s it like working with one of the OGs of the industry Memphis Bleek?

Its been nothing but a blessing for real. Try to be a sponge as much as possible and soak up all the game I can and apply that sh*t around the board. Full court press you feel me. 

What’s the best advice he gave you so far?

The best advice has been pretty plain and simple, follow your heart, stay loyal, stay true to yourself. That time is gonna come. Just don’t let off the breaks, because when that moment happens – if you ain’t ready, it’ll pass you.

If you could get advice from any other artist in the industry, who would it be and why?

Of course the big homie (Memphis Bleek) and big brother (Jay), but honestly all the OG’s got some sort of game to take from. Whether it be from their successes or failures, experience is the best teacher. But Master P is someone who I would want to pick his brain, if I ever had the opportunity to. 

What differentiates you from other artists?

The real from the fake. Ain’t no gimmicks, I come as I am – REAL, & thats why the people f*ck with me. I stand for something and on EVERYTHING. Besides that, at this point everybody is making the same song, you couldn’t pay me to try and sound like the next so and so. However, I’ll say if I wanted to jump in their lane, I’m going to own it if I do. It’s best for everybody If I just do me.

Your video After The Deal, Video will premiere on BET (TV & Digital) Wednesday, Feb. 2nd, 2022 how did that feel?

Man it’s crazy, because I remember everyday after school – If I wasn’t out hustling, I would be watching BET 106 & Park countdown, so to see the support I get from BET & BET Jams is a real manifestation working. That’s what happens when it’s pressure every time you pop out. Another trophy on the case.

You have over 1 million views on current videos from the previous EP “As Above” your fans are tapped into your brand. How important is it to keep engagement with your fans?

 It’s key! There are a million new artists that come out every single day. You owe it to yourself to keep yourself in the peoples eye. If you give them a chance to breathe, they may move on. That’s why when I hit that booth, I never half ass anything. It’s so much microwave music that’s over saturating the market, when you really tune in to the people they hold on to it. I’ve learned you gotta make them fall in love with you.

You’re surrounded by legends! We heard your EP was mixed by Young Guru how was that experience? 

 It’s nostalgic, what else could I ask for? I’ve got Young Guru behind the boards over looking everything before the world sees it. It’s a bit comforting *laughs*. But it’s been a learning experience for sure. The first time we met was in Miami SohoHouse and he was giving a vocal track breakdown of original Marvin Gaye classics. Isolations and everything. How do you even get that?

Explain to our readers what it’s like touring with Memphis Bleek and Freeway?

Touring with Bleek and Freeway feels like you better be on your A game every time you touch that stage. You’re standing next to legacy and longevity. I’m trying to be in that position for the next generation to come. So I shoot to kill every time I get the mic, feel me.

You just dropped a new video “More Love” what was the motivation behind this single?

The motivation behind “More Love” derives from summertime shootouts. I look forward to the summers in Milwaukee, but where I’m from we know what comes with that heat. I know my hood ain’t the only one hurting so I knew the world would be able to relate to this one. I’ve been told a couple times that the record reminds them of Nas’ “One Love” and it’s funny because I when I made “More Love” I hadn’t heard that song yet.

Tell our readers what to look out for next from you?

Keep your eyes, I’m outside with it! I have a few shows coming up in Austin Texas SXSW March 16th-20th. See me live in affect. My EP “So Below” will be dropping this Spring along with my his first feature on the way for After the Deal remix. I’ll let the people guess who’s on the record. But I’ll give you a hint. Detroit Stand Up!(Shhhh)

What do you hope to get out of your involvement in the music industry? What’s your ultimate goal?

My hope is to push the bar on the industry sh*t for real. But most importantly, I gotta change to make to my hood, my city and to myself. 

Lastly what advice do you have any upcoming artist following in your footsteps?

My advice to any upcoming artist is always be the hardest working person in the room. 

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