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BY Kim Coco

Hi A$AP Twelvyy. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today and Hip Hop Weekly Magazine. What should I call you? ASAP? ASAP Twelvvy? Twelvvy?

AY! Thank you! I’m happy to be here. You can call me Asap Twelvvy. That’s what everyone calls me. Shout out to you and Hip Hop Weekly.

So A$AP Twelvvy, BIG Congratulations are in order! You’ve about to drop your 3rd album which will be your first project since 2017. The fans have been patiently waiting for your return with this one. What’s the name of this album and the release date?

Thank you! Yeah, the album is finally done. Man . Finally . It’s called Noon Yung and it will be available on all platforms officially 10/16/2020. I’m real excited for this album. I took my time making it. I wanted it to be perfect and I knew I wanted to do it right. It’s my first project since 2017 and so this album – I’m back with a whole new energy. Ya feel me?

Music Link: https://t.co/5tbJMu1rS9?amp=1

IG: https://www.instagram.com/asap12vy/?hl=en

I heard you hit a few roadblocks and hurdles along the way while creating Noon Yung. What happened exactly? I heard the story and I have to say it’s pretty crazy.

Oh yeah there were a few roadblocks. (laughs )

What happened was pretty unfortunate but you know, everything happens for a reason. So about 2 days after I finished the album- Noon Yung, somebody went and broke into the studio. They broke in and they took the computer, they stole the hard drive, all the files. Everything . Gone. Man, not only did they take the Noon Yung Album, they went and took ALL the music I was in the middle of working on. You know and the timing man. It was right before the holidays. Right before Christmas to be exact. Here I am hype to put the album out, thinking I’m about to have a crazy Christmas. I’m ready to let the fans and the world to hear what I’ve been sitting on. I’m thinking the album’s done and I’m about to bust a REAL move with this one. Literally, 48 hours after we finished it, the WHOLE ALBUM WAS GONE. That was it. They called me from the studio like “Yoooooo. Someone broke in the studio and they took everything.” I was real upset at the time ya know, but to be honest, as it turns out, it was a real blessing in disguise. I had to start over. And During that process, the process of starting over, it gave me that time to reflect and to work. So now, I came back stronger, more focused, more creative and humbled not just as an artist, but as a human being, a man, a designer and a business man.

Well you know what they say. Timing is everything.

Most definitely! Losing the album and having to start from scratch, ya know, it gave me a lot of clarity. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t happy they stole it but I am happy that I used that time to just tap in , get inspired, be inspired and get better. I will say, the time helped me build character because even though I really wanted to give up, I never did. You feel me? So I agree that timing is really everything. But only if you use your time wisely.

A$AP Twelvvy, which song will be the first single to debut off the Noon Yung album?

The first single is S.N.L. which stands for Satellites and Limousines. That track, it’s like a Saturday night type of vibe. Like- with the limousines, the feeling of the night is live. Sounds like a great time. You feel me? Ya know, this year I spent a lot of time in California and while I was out there, I listened to a lot of different music. I had time to reflect on some of my musical icons that I grew up listening to. I heard a song by Tupac that really just inspired me to want to be more creative and to make some fire. I feel like the people needed it. Ya know, like I said, I wanted to come back with a new energy. Satellites and Limousines, the first single is me showcasing that new energy. Actually, DJ Wallah just world premiered S.N.L. on Shade 45. He broke that record. So shout out to him.

Single Satellites and Limousines: https://ampl.ink/9eK38

Are you a Gemini by the way? I read that your birthday falls during Gemini Season. Tupac was a Gemini. And me too (laughs).

Yeah, May 30th. I’m a Gemini. But that’s crazy because Tupac inspired Satellites and Limousines. See, I knew it was deeper. More personal than that.

Is there a subliminal meaning to the name of the album? Noon Yung?

Ok so- Subconsciously- Yes. For the last few years my Play Station network user name has been Noon Yung. What’s crazy is I was signing on one day to play and I had noticed that my network name was that. Noon Yung and I’m like damn, I didn’t even know that shit. My whole thing when I decided to name it Noon Yung, was because growing up, I was an AVID and I mean HEAVY, AVID Fan of a video game called -Metal Gear Solid I played that game all the time as a kid and it was one of the first games I beat. And to beat that game as a kid, that was like advanced. Like a victory. You know how hard that game is to beat? (Laughs) You probably don’t. But that was really my first introduction to the Asian Realm, Comic Book, Toy, Anime and the other world shit. As the years progressed I just built this character – Noon Yung. And you know, I’m Twelve and then Yung- is just being Young in spirit.

I heard there are some dope features on this project. Can you give us a little peek of who we will hear on the Noon Yung album with you?

For sure A$AP is on there. You know that. Definitely the A$AP family is on it. I got the homie, Conway the Machine on there. Shout out to Conway. He just dropped his album – From King to a God. Actually, his album hit Billboard. That’s BIG. Congratulations to him for that. Conway goes hard. He spits fire. Griselda, all of them go hard. You know what’s crazy? I sent him that record and within 2 days he sent it back. He heard it, he liked it and wasted no time. Him and I killed that record. The song is iconic and legendary. Actually, How can I forget!!! The BIGGEST feature on this whole album is my mother. (laughs) She has a feature for real. I am going to surprise you guys with that one though

I hear you have a video in the works.

Yeah I’m working on the video for Satellites and Limousines. I filmed it in L.A. It’s dope so stay tuned for that. It should be out really soon. I’ll make an announcement when I officially debut that one.

You created Noon Yung during the Pandemic AND a Revolution. So, is it safe to say that this album is like a journal of what you went through during that time. You talk about being inspired by the times.

Oh hell yeah. It’s a Memoir of my life and being a part of so many historical events. I was actually there at the protests. I was there with the people, at the protest. You feel me? And to just be there in that time with everyone coming together. It was about people coming together to take a stand. Saying we’re tired of the bullshit. Tired of the system. Tired of the oppression. You know, that right there- it inspired me. Being a part of history for the change. This Revolution. Of course that inspired my art. The creator in me . The thing about me is this. I’m not the type of guy that gets inspired by being in the club. I’m inspired by everyday people and events. Real life things. Moments of time making history. I have compassion and empathy for people. I like to understand people and get inspired by them and their stories. I’m inspired by that. That type of change. Those things move me. Things that provoke emotion and change.

What’s the cover of the album look like? The art work and the meaning behind it ?

Oh wait till you see the cover. Did you see it yet? Even down to the art work. The photo of me on the cover. It’s timeless and captures time so elegantly. I haven’t released it yet. It’s still a secret but you’ll see it the day the album releases. All of the details are inspired by this time in history.

You’ve been busying not just with the album, but you have rebuilt your brand and team this year. Want to talk a little about that? You said it yourself. You’re coming back a better business man.

Shoutout to Polo and my team for all their help, and Kalika, my publicist. I’m “Re-structuring the Infrastructure”. She understands the vision, always keeps me in the loop of things that are going on. And just very on top of everything. I do a lot of stuff. I have the clothing brand. I do what I do with the music. The gaming. But as far as someone understanding the narrative of the brand, Kalika my publicist has been a great help in that role. As for my label, Last Year Being Broke(n) Records, I want my team to share and get the real vision of the brand so we build together. Not a manufactured type. Like a rebirth with the brand. Feel me?

You’re about to Re-launch the Fall 2020 Collection of Last Year Being Broke(n). Your clothing brand. Can I ask what the meaning of the brand name is?

My Last Year Being Broke (n). It’s not just financial. It’s mental, it’s spiritual. We got people from broken homes. People with broken hearts and families. People who go through it. I know how it is to feel a certain way. Both feeling Broke and Broken. And just feeling like you’re at the bottom. Money isn’t everything. But not having anything and losing everything is what inspired me to bounce back stronger. It’s what inspired me to really keep going. My Mantra . Last Year Being Broke. Last Year Being Broken. In every way possible. First Year Being Rich! It’s crazy because the name started as song. Then it grew into this whole brand. And Then the label.

Last Year Being Broke (n) https://www.lastyearbeingbroken.com/

What can we expect from the re-launch of the brand. What are you launching?

Before we got on this call, I signed like 500 of my C.D.s I got the toys coming soon. The plushes. I got slippers on deck right now. Hoodies. Tee shirts. A little bit of everything. You know I got some exciting stuff up my sleeve. For the ladies we have crop tops. Hoodies are unisex. Hats. Really dope shit. But the line is different. I always keep the details to my ideas real quiet till the end because I don’t want no one stealing my original ideas. Copying my shit. But I got some things in store you all. When the world opens back up you may even see Last Year Being Broke(n) and First Year Being Rich on the runways at like Paris Fashion Week. Pop up shows. Things like that. There’s so much more in store. We’re going global.

Last Year Being Broke (n) Collection: https://lybb.shopsettings.com/

OK Rapid Trivia – One word answers and no elaborating. Ready?

Ok let’s do it.

Whose got the best pizza in your hometown?

Oh there’s a pizza spot on Castle Hill and Cross Bronx. I think its Circle’s pizza. They have some large ass slices. Dumb Big.

Sum the current state of Hip Hop in just 1 word!


You get to make a hit record with anyone with the industry. Who do you pick?

Wow so if the record is going to go viral and be a hit, we are going to go global with it. That means on world tour. So I want to go on world tour with Bobby Brown. But like his “My prerogative” days. He created his own wave and he came up from the block. I mean he married Whitney Houston.

Who are your TOP 5 artists of ALL TIME Dead or Alive?

Ok well in no order

1. Jay Z

2. Michael Jackson

3. Prince

4. Stack Bundles

5. A$AP Rocky

Name one thing that you think even with all the money & fame in the world, Money cannot buy?

Love and peace of mind

Do you have a Momma I made it Moment?

Shit man. I think at our first Coachella, and I looked to the side of the stage. Usher was at the side of the stage. I looked and was like “What the Fuck?” I killed shit that night. So to date- Coachella .

You’re standing in front of 2 doors. The door to the left goes to your past. The door to your right goes to the future. You get 24 hours behind either door. Which door are you opening?

Definitely the future . You know even if I could back and change things. I wouldn’t. Everything is a part of the journey. Even this very moment right here. A$AP Twelvvy, October 16th, 2020 Noon Yung will be Officially out on all platforms .

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