A Track for the Ladies, Jr. Mack Discusses Hot New Single ‘Git Dat Money’

An artist with a bold sound and a style all his own, Jr. Mack has recently released his single ‘Git Dat Money.’ This track, inspired by the Atlanta Club Allure, has an electric Pimp Hop™ feel to it that is truly unique. With this release, Jr. Mack created the ultimate club song for the perfect night out.

Jr. Mack began making music with a close friend many years ago but after losing him to cancer the music began to fade as well. It was not until recently that he found his way back to the mainstage, showcasing his natural talent and unique, and now trademarked, Pimp Hop style. “I just recently started getting back into my music because this is what I do.” On his recent projects, Jr. Mack has been working with another close friend, producer Ice Mike 1200, to put together his newest album including “Git Dat Money.”

When Jr. Mack decided he wanted to create this song, things were quick to get rolling. “I was in Atlanta in Club Allure with a friend of mine. We had been hitting the clubs and Allure just took my attention. It is a strip club but it has a regular club feel. It has a great feel and there was just money all over the floor, everywhere. It was just the vibe of the club.” Jr. Mack’s newfound interest in Allure quickly became the inspiration for his next song. He became determined to create a track geared towards women in a way that much of the Hip Hop industry is not.

“I wasn’t hearing any guys doing these particular kinds of songs for girls, it’s usually Mulatto and Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B. I wanted to do something, so I went home and I wrote it.” Jr. Mack was quick to start discussing the project with his producer and the two got to work creating the electric track. “This song is so kinetic, the words just came to me so fast that I didn’t really have to think about it. The process was really quick. I came up with and did all the lyrics and Mike, who is awesome, a producer, an engineer, he does everything, so he mixed and mastered the song. It’s awesome. It’s my baby.”

“Git Dat Money” is the kind of track that can get anyone who listens on their feet. Created for and based on the energy that you feel in the club, this song was literally made for the party. “It’s like an explosion, you know. It’s an awesome dance song, awesome club song, workout song, anything. It’s motivational! I like to speak things into existence, you know, it’s like ‘get that money, get that money,” and we get that money.”

There is much more to come with “Git Dat Money,” including a music video that will be out within the next couple of weeks. On top of that, Jr. Mack will be continuing to release a new track every month, leading up to the full release of his album right around summertime. Be sure to keep an eye out for his next couple of tracks including “Smoke Good” and “Jr. Wants It” as well as tour dates, once it becomes safe to do so.

Check out Jr. Mack and his music via the links and handles listed below.

@thejrmack instagram

@thejrmack Twitter

Jr.Mack on Facebook

Jr. Mack on Youtube

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