A Day with Jay Pareil

We were delighted to have Jay send us a ‘day in the life of’ diary and we are so excited to share it with you…
What’s it like to drive the best of the best in cars, wear a Rolex like it’s nothing, and to always show up in the best designer gear? We’re not sure, but we know a man who does know. 

Jay Pareil is only 26 years old. At this young age, he already has two top-selling singles to his name. This Philadelphia born and raised rap star has been emerging onto the scene since his first single lit up our eardrums back in December of 2019. While we were all panicking about the pandemic, Jay was working hard to turn himself into the kind of guy that everyone wants to be. His taste in clothing is as exquisite as his taste in vehicles, with a signature fast car often photographed in the background of his Instagram shots. Jay is known locally for his love of cars, a love only overshadowed by his love of women.

Jay Pareil: real name Joseph A Irving III, has never been at a loss for money. As a member of a fairly affluent family, he has been treated to the finer things in life since a young age. When he was old enough to start cutting out on his own, Jay quickly learned that his heart lay in music.

How Jay Pareil got into Rap?

From a young age, Jay was always fascinated by music. He began practicing rap at ten years old, regularly engaging with the kids in his neighborhood in rap battles. It was this love of the street scene that saw him release his first single in December of 2019. 

Jay’s song ‘Digital Math’ has amassed thousands of YouTube views and sales on the Apple Music Store. If you are interested in joining his millions of fans, you can follow him on Instagram to see what a day in his life is like for yourself. Jay’s love of rap was what spurred him on to become one of the most viewed rap artists on a global scale. His second single followed in 2020, becoming an instant success. With all this fame and fortune, we wanted to know what a day in the life of Jay Pareil is like… so we wrote to him and asked.

Jay Pareil’s Normal Daily Schedule

Jay told us that he starts the day with a healthy breakfast of whatever he can grab while on the go. He carefully chooses his daily style from his walk-in wardrobe, which we hear is the size of a standard kitchen.
Next, it’s into one of his favorite sports cars to whisk himself off to the studio. Jay estimates that he spends about 70 hours a week there, working on tracks. Whether it be laying down fresh beats or just messing about with lyrics; Jay is in the studio every day except Saturday… when he’s usually feeling the aftereffects of Friday night.

Last but not least, it’s a late-night home to chill for a few hours in peace, or with his buddies. Even the best of us need a break, once in a while… and according to Jay Pareil, that’s a Saturday.

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