40 Abioye Releases Title Track Single From Upcoming Album ‘Fortune Cookies’

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An artist, CEO and advocate for mental health, 40 Abioye is a man of many talents. The culmination of his artistic, technical and socially based work, his newest project, an album called “Fortune Cookies,” is an amazing example of the work he has done. While the album is yet to be released, we can find satisfaction and comfort in the title track, which has been released.

40 Abioye found himself interested in music at a young age. “I come from a musical family, both my grandmas were pianists with choirs and I have been performing since I was a kid. I probably got started at around six or seven years old.”

The name that 40 Abioye took on to create his music has an origin story of its own. With the original name of just 40, the first part of this artist’s name relates to the 40 caliber gun so often found on the streets where he grew up. Pronounced ah-boy-yay, the second half of his name comes from his bloodline and ancestors. “It was one of the first royal bloodlines in Africa and I traced it back to my original roots. I wanted to represent that and I wanted my name to really mean something.”

An artist truly focused on the importance of his background, 40 Abioye takes influence from Motown artists such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. In the genre of Hip Hop, he draws from creators such as Tupac, Biggie and Snoop Dog. “I’m a pretty well rounded artist. I’ve got a variety of music and I usually make music with the intention of inspiring people in everyday life. I make quite a few club anthems, but I still have a very lyrical side.”

“Fortune Cookies” is the title track and latest single off of 40 Abioye’s upcoming album. “Basically, this derives from my goal of giving every song in this album a message and I wanted to make sure that I could deliver those messages. Every song has a message that someone can relate to and I wanted to capture all of the cultures in this album as well as just broaden my horizons. I choose the name “Fortune Cookies” because every song has its own secret message.”

40 Abioye is more than just a musician. He is also the CEO of Stoners Avenue Entertainment, a company that he created to help give back to the community and create a space where he could advocate for mental health, a project that became very important to him after the loss of his brother. “I choose Stoner Avenue as my brand because in all of the communities that I have seen and participated in, the stoner community was the most open and accepting. There was no issue of race, we weren’t separated. I really liked that vibe. The movement they represent is peace and positivity among all communities and I found that to be a great concept to attach myself to.”

“All I want in this industry is to build a platform big enough to reach people in their everyday lives and hopefully give them something that they can relate to. I want to be able to help people with whatever they need to better their mental health and to just be able to better the community as a whole.”

Check out 40 Abioye on social media as well as his music via the links listed below.




“Fortune Cookies” ft Derez De’shon https://open.spotify.com/album/3rswY7ZZdyVgWfLP8t5PZf?si=Ai8JY2ebQhmpr1hfBMzV3g


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