4 Strategies John Jay Used To Climb The Ladder Of Pop & R&B

John Jay, popularly known as a dance-floor party starter, has become phenomenal in creating Pop & R&B. This musician was born on February 24, 1987, in New York. He later moved to Miami at an early age. Jay started building his musical career from when he was young until he crushed it in the industry. This viral artist merges the two genres, ‘Pop & R&B,’ to produce exceptional music that everyone is looking for in the music fraternity.

Jay’s success in climbing the ladder of Pop & R&B has not been a walk in the park. It has been a journey full of shortcomings and tasks that required careful handling. Incredibly, this musician used strategies that led him to pull up in the music industry. The top 4 methods Jay used to climb the ladder of Pop & R&B are; believing in his potential, patience, determination, and overcoming challenges.

Believing In His Potential

John Jay has been confident about his potential in music all through. Despite being turned down by situations, he has always believed in producing the best music and becoming famous. When Jay entered the music industry, he was confident that his craft was powerful and could influence anyone. This self-trust shows the firm belief this musician had invested in himself. Impressive enough, he has been climbing the ladder of Pop & R&B.


John Jay remained patient until success started knocking on his door. This artist did not rush the process of becoming famous and getting a large audience. Instead, this musician patiently endured the tricky process and finally got what he wanted. When this musician founded Independent Hits, he experienced silence for years since he did not get any submissions. The time was challenging, but Jay stayed focused and waited patiently for a positive result. Sure enough, requests started coming in gradually, and that is how Jay began growing in the music industry.


Determination is remaining firm until you fulfill the intended purpose. Jay’s determination to make his dream of shining in music come true has been a pillar guiding him in his musical journey. The focus has motivated him to work relentlessly and outlook the shortcomings that paved his way. This musician was as well determined to help upcoming musicians grow and achieve their goals. Following his desire, he founded Independent Hits, where underrated artists were featured and given meaning. Slowly, Jay gained popularity and started crushing it in the music industry.

Overcoming Challenges

Each individual in the world has faced challenges in life. Therefore, what can make a person outstanding is the power to overcome challenges. John Jay has faced many challenges in trying to make a difference in the music industry. The primary challenge he faced was being seen as an alien when he first joined the music industry. Incredibly, this champion did not give up. He pursued his dream and aspired to do better for the plan to come true. John Jay’s strategies that helped him climb the ladder climb of Pop and R&B are; believing in his potential, patience, determination, and overcoming challenges. Additionally, hard work has gained him a good percentage of his achievements. You can learn more about John Jay on his Instagram.

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