21 Savage Addresses Whether “Snitches and Rats” Track Is About 6ix9ine

“Snitches and rats, they all get whacked / He told on his brother, his brother told back / They say that they twins, we call them Siamese rats / Snitches and rats,” raps 21 Savage. 

After the release of Savage Mode 2, questions arose if the “Snitches and Rats” track was referring to rapper 6ix9ine. In an Instagram live, 21 Savage expressed that “6ix9ine ain’t the only rat in America.” 

“I see y’all talking about the ‘Snitches & Rats’ song like a 6ix9ine diss song or something,” 21 said. “6ix9ine ain’t the only rat in America. He’s not the only snitch in the world, man. Fuck wrong with y’all? Y’all need to listen to that shit though ’cause that shit is facts. A rat is a fucking rat, period,” says 21 Savage.  

21 Savage clarifies that his song “Snitches and Rats” is not a diss song towards 6ix9ine, but it can be applied to him. 

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