Zo Valentine Talks Tips To Surviving Entrepreneurship

"Zo Valentine"

They say whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision. Zo Valentine believes that the most challenging thing in entrepreneurship is acting; the rest is merely tenacity- and this is what sets everything apart. How can start-ups leap and bloom? What does it take to survive in a competitive business world?

Zo Valentine is the founder of Vloom, an organization that offers consultancy services to small-and-large scale businesses on how to build their brand identity. Together with a team of experts, Zo Valentine teaches clients about the power of communication as a bridge between their organizations and customers in the market front. As a strategy consultant, he helps businesses portray the best version of themselves to the world. Zo Valentine affirms that entrepreneurs have to be ready to leap and bloom. The business realm is a ground that favors the strongest, wisest, and most importantly, the risk-takers.

Build and maintain a great network made up of acquaintances. This is a common principle known by almost every ambitious entrepreneur. However, it is not just about fostering relationships with these individuals but also ensuring that ensuing engagement is friendly and peaceful. An entrepreneur cannot do this alone, a reason why Zo Valentine insists that having a good public relations department can ensure this principle is implemented. Aside from guaranteeing new opportunities, they can help a business venture forward during tough moments. Friends and family might not always be there, but acquaintances will never disappoint if you nurture the right kind of relationships.

Zo reiterates that entrepreneurs have to see failure as the beginning and the middle but never the end. The idea of entrepreneurship is scary- not many people can handle being paranoid about the potential outcomes of their decisions or constantly leaving themselves open to one sided judgement. But then again, being paranoid and hardening your tough skin is perhaps the best way to survive.

Zo Valentine knows this too well, and this is why he recommends mentorship to every entrepreneur. Failure was imminent early on when he started the organization, and he took the risk of slowing down operations so that he could acquire new knowledge and skills. He chose a mentor and seamlessly built a network of unofficial teachers, friends and associates alike. All people who had been in the business realm for longer, made mistakes, and had success stories behind their name. Zo Valentine learned valuable lessons from them that eventually enabled him to forge strategic pathways for himself and his clientele. Vloom prospered because Zo Valentine sought out mentorship and embraced downfalls, a set of powerful assets that he might never replace.

When building those networks and dealing with adversity, entrepreneurs should never forget that their actions should generate goodwill. Zo Valentine reminds business people that as the marathon continues customers appreciate transparency, honesty and generosity. Even during trying times, an entrepreneur should not forget the power of these virtues in yielding success.

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