ZI is a Confident Young Artist With New Single ‘Cocky’

ZI is an exciting young artist based out of North Carolina who is bringing his energy and his self confidence to the main stage with his latest single “Cocky.” This track is a fun piece that truly shows off the skill and talent that ZI has and creates a relatable and easy-to- listen-to song.

ZI was drawn to music at a young age, enjoying wherever he could find it. “I got into music when I was in elementary school. I grew up listening to music with my mom in the car and we would always watch the BET awards and other award shows. I also had a lot of inspiration from Disney movies. Really, I just fell in love with singing.”

Since finding his voice, ZI has created a sound that mixes R&B, Pop and Hip Hop. “I am a little bit all over the place. I like to be tuned in to every genre, just a little.” ZI’s single, “Cocky” beautifully melds a variety of different genres and sounds to create something that is uniquely his own.

“Cocky” is a song that deeply relates to ZI’s life and personal experience. “People have always called me cocky, so I took it in a way that says I’m confident. Then I decided to write a song about it.” What started out as a light hearted, joke-like experience, soon turned into a full song. “This song really just says that it’s okay to be cocky and confident. I was really shy and insecure growing up and growing out of that has been a great thing. I am just fine with being called cocky now!”

Listening to the song, it isn’t quite as boastful as the title may seem. While the message of “Cocky” is undoubtedly a promotion of self confidence and authenticity, the song talks about more than ZI himself. “I’m really talking about a person I love. There is a woman rapping with me on this track and we really just go back and forth about it.”

Now that “Cocky” is out, ZI hopes that it can inspire his audience. “I want people to take confidence from this song. Believe in yourself. Be 100% authentic. I really just want it to make people happy.” ZI’s song is both an exciting and humbling track.

To go with the song, ZI put together a fun and light hearted music video. The video features a variety of locations and people, all of which are both connected to the song and simply fun. “It’s really just a vibe. I didn’t go into shooting the video with any specific storyline in mind. It just came together. It’s fun and cool. And just a vibe…”

Moving forward, ZI is looking into putting together virtual performances to promote “Cocky.” He is also working on his latest album which is set to release in early 2021. Be sure to keep any eye out for him and all of the music that is yet to come. ZI is a talented young artist with a big future ahead of him.

Be sure to check out ZI’s music and social media via the links listed below.



“Cocky” ZI-Cocky (Official Video) ft. TiaCorine

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