Young Artist/Producer Cameron Nino is a Social Justice Warrior as he Presents his Latest Track ‘I Can’t Breathe’

An up-and-coming music visionary & avant-garde producer based out of LA, Cameron Nino is engaging the issues of police brutality and social inequality through his music. His most recent track released shortly after the death of George Floyd, is an inspiring and heart wrenching, powerful lyrical masterpiece that addresses this issue with passion. Unquestionably, the song – “I Can’t Breathe” is the song of the moment, aiming to increase awareness and urging listeners to understand the pains of the victims of the abuses of power by law enforcement institutions.

Falling in love with music at a very young age, Nino was always a creative kid and music was never far from his reach. It was a piano recital that he witnessed at the young age of five years old that really inspired him to make music of his own and later become a producer as well. “I

watched this one kid perform on a big stage. He was like 12 years old and he was playing the piano. After watching that, I really wanted to start making music of my own.”

Nino’s sound has no hard aesthetic and he is always looking for a new spin on his music. His versatility allows him to work with a variety of genres and styles, a seemingly endless pool of possibility for his work. “My sound is something that I don’t choose the genre of. It’s kind of out of the box. Not choosing a particular sound is really important to me. It’s something I believe in.”

“I Can’t Breathe” is Nino’s response to the recent political issues regarding police brutality and the systemic injustices of profiling that is ingrained in our law enforcement organizations that became more evident after the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd. “It was around the time of the death of George Floyd when I realized that I could do something to make a difference. I could do something that benefits others.”

Being an advocate and activist for social justice and environmental sustainability is an important part of Nino’s musical and personal platforms. “I want to help to end racism. I want to be helpful in creating a world where everyone is treated equally. I also want to help with the climate problems in the world right now, especially because of the way everything is right now with how hot and awful it has been recently.”

Currently, Nino is working on mixing several genres and finding the sound for his next tracks. “Musically, I think that it is going to be very interesting and unique with what I’m going to put out in the future. I have been working on mixing genres and creating a new sound and I think that it is going really well. I am excited for what’s to come.” The new sound that Nino is working on is going to be a great stride for his future works and is definitely something to look out for in the coming months. Nino’s works are truly unique and a great representation of skill and talent that he already possesses at such a young age.

Nino wants his listeners and those who he influences to focus on the importance of positivity, particularly in today’s age. “Positivity is very important to me and I feel that a lot of times we can lose sight of the good and get stuck in the negative. I think that if we can focus on the positive then we can improve things, and I think that we will.”

Learn more about Cameron Nino and check out his social media and music with the links that can be found below.

“I Can’t Breathe”


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