Yoshifumi Shares His lastest Project “Do Or Die” With HHW

Yoshifumi aka Darb is an Asian rapper who was born in Tokyo Japan and grew up in Queens New York. Unlike some other young artists, he is one of the rare species from the golden Hip Hop era. His past works from the early 2000s highlight the featuring artists such as Big Noyd, Infamous Mobb (Big Twins, God Father Pt.3, Ty Nitty). However, as a gangster turned risk management professional, what he gets across to his audience now is something that the lower and middle classes can relate to. The details of his gangster days are behind closed doors for job security purposes for now, but his lyrics speak volumes about how he steps up to the plate despite all the difficulties and hardships he faces. In 2017, after years of inactivity since around 2010, he has returned to the streets with worldly wisdom and true humanity for the good name of Hip Hop culture, while raising awareness of the importance of racial diversity, freedom, love, peace, positive vibes, and street knowledge. 

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