What is ‘Multiple Personas’ And Who Is Ty ThaGod?

Ty Thagod is an international award-winning hip hop recording artist/songwriter. He’s currently on a mission to be a household name by displaying his talents and showcasing his abilities. Ty wants his music to be versatile throughout his musical journey. This self-taught entrepreneur definitely has a burning desire to aspire to greatness.

Ty Thagod’s new EP ‘Multiple personas’ is a collective of songs that show many different styles and structures. It is a unique sounding project from beginning to end. ‘Multiple Personas’ shows the diversity of Ty with 4 songs that sound nothing like the previous.Ty Thagod comes in and starts the project off with track “All I See Is Me”. It is an introspective record on how he’s only concentrating on his grind. Ty expresses in the song that he refuses to worry about what others are doing. He’s just focusing on himself and staying in his lane when it comes to this life. The most pivotal bar in this track is “why be a slave when I can own the field”.

The second track off the project is titled “Go”. The track is a club banger women can enjoy and dance to. It is guaranteed to make women want to back it up and go stupid!

The third track titled “Hulk Hogan” pays homage to the great legendary Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Ty Thagod raps “I feel like Hulk Hogan running around with my wolves and I’m styling on ‘em profiling on ‘em man I think the lord I’m chosen“. Hulk Hogan is a single that will put you in a state of confidence.

The last of the project is “Go Sicc” which is another club song that the ladies could enjoy and dance to. Check out Ty Thagod’s new EP ‘Multiple Personas” available on all streaming platforms!

Don’t forget to follow Ty Thagod on social media @iamtythagod follow him on his journey on his website iamtythagod.com.

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