[Watch] Squally G Drops Visuals For “Durty Walk” feat. Fredo Bang & SelfMade Shark

Squally.g is one of the hottest emerging rappers hailing from the south and with good reason. Along with his important role as a father Squally.g is an accomplished songwriter, author, motivational speaker, and an authentic testament of what life is like for a young black man with dreams, living in America. 

Hailing from St. Rose, Louisiana, Squally.g has unapologetically solidified himself as one the hottest rappers to ever do it in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, and Houston alike. Behind every exceptional musician is an even greater story and Squally.g is no exception as he’s no stranger to adversity. While doing 2 years in prison, he affirmed not only to the state of Louisiana but to the people that his condition was not his conclusion. He understood his purpose for living and hit the ground running upon his release date. Squally.g knew it was time for the world to be blessed by his gifts.

As a father, his first mission was to be just that a father, big brother, uncle, friend and he began being booked, at different places to encourage and motivate other young fathers to do the same. He understood precociously, that although everybody seems to do music, nowadays, the places deemed as hoods are forgotten about, and the influencers, only influence, but rarely speak the real and give back.  To save time, from traveling and speaking he penned his first memoir. An autobiography, titled, “Dedicated to Those like Me’. This allowed him a way to share messages of positivity and inspiration that would resonate with young men, especially those and those behind bars, and also young men in foster homes. “I want my fans, and the kids that look up to me, (especially mine), to know yeah, I rap, I do music, but I’m just like them, just growing wiser, stronger. A lot of industry people take off and forget where they come from, they stunt more than anything, I really care about those that support a young dude like me, that came from where I came from and made the 360 change, and still hasn’t changed, not gone change, or forgot about them”, he declares boldly.

Squally.g created a clothing brand, “Rt360”, to promote his affiliations with Record Label, Risk Takers 360. You can catch one of these items at his shows, where he often passes out shirts to fans in the audience, sell them at bookings, or you check out his Instagram to see designs and also purchase. A firm believer in giving back, he also donates some of his designs to boys home, and men shelters, and the homeless alike.

Follow the squad on Instagram @FredoBang @SELFMADESHARK @RT_360_SQUALLY_G

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