[Watch] Snoop Dogg Is Our Quarantine Spirit Animal In Video for New Track “I Wanna Go Outside”

Snoop Dogg is clearly over lock down orders. So much so that the west coast OG has dropped an ode to pre-quarantine life appropriately titled, “I Wanna Go Outside,” even releasing a social distanced infused video to go along with his latest hit.

The Soopafly produced auto-tuned bop reflects on the days of fun outdoors, and finds Snoop yearning for some much needed enjoyment.
“You can’t tell me this is how we supposed to be livin’,” Snoop raps. “I’m just waitin’ for the day I can have some fun.”

In the visual, Snoop is seen playing Madden, laid back on the couch smoking a blunt and shooting hoops in Lakers gear to pass time while confined to the crib. 

We feel you Uncle Snoop. 


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