[Watch] Saadi Four Tells “No Lies” in New Music Video

Saadi is an intricate 19 year old growing up in the streets of North Philly.

He has always had his head based on making money because in his eyes with money comes fame. He deciphered between his passion for music and sports to make it big and do something to change his life for the better and be successful one day. Recently he has discovered his talent within the music which he is not just a rapper but will throw you curves of melody.

He comes from a city where he has seen rappers make it big like Uzi and Meek and one day hopes to follow in their footsteps. He is special because freestyles everything he raps about because it comes from real life situations of the real world to the trenches. Musical talent as rapping may come easy to many but to be able to flow and harmonize his melodies can only come correct by certain rappers, he is one with potential and growth not only does he have the talent but the right look and experiences help enable his talent.

Next up from North Philly and already creating a buzz not only for him but for his family which includes his 8 month son ready to create a new life for them all he takes us through his life via his music. It’s as easy as it comes because Saadi believes he is being paid to be himself. He currently has a new single out called “No Lies”. Check it out on all major platforms.

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