[Watch] Risking It All, Terayle Hill Goes All in on YBN Cordae and Anderson .Paak Cypher

When it comes to anyone’s debut, you have to leave a lasting impression and coming from the acting world Terayle knows that all too well. Uncovering a layer that few have seen from him in an exceptional fashion, Terayle serves up a conversation piece to land him in the middle of the table with all eyes on him. Equipped with lethal lyrics from start to finish, Terayle unleashes his “audition” for Hip-Hop titled “Royal Flush” which is a three-minute cypher over YBN Cordae and Anderson .Paak’s “RNP.” Playing with the hand that life has dealt him, Terayle rockets from punchline to punchline:

“It’s hard to level with n*****s that haven’t gone where I’m going, so I just keep on my blinders and move in silence. I keep someone with me that’s ready to move in violence… I been acting my resume on theatrical, but never in a box… A movie producer, a television actor that can take your favorite rapper and send him on a sabbatical… my battles legit, my rap is legit… I ducked off eight years public rappin and sh*t, I came back spittin iller really mastered this sh*t… always claiming you hot dog but can’t relish it.”

Never taking the backseat to success, Terayle is breaking free from his cell and burning a path to voice himself and encourage others along the way with his movement, Everybodies. Exercising patience and honing his skills, Terayle knows that it is only just a matter of time before he discovers himself center stage in the midst of it all. Understanding the power of having creative control as an indie artist helps him fuel his career whether it be acting and/or music, but that is a road he has selected that will lead to numerous obstacles but just as many rewards, for he knows genuine quality and consistency never goes unnoticed.

Everybodies Music Group presents Terayle with his freestyle cover “Royal Flush” of YBN Cordae and Anderson Paak’s “RNP” available now https://smarturl.it/Terayle-RoyalFlush

Watch it now below.

Keep up with Terayle on Instagram @Terayle_

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