[Watch] Redman Goes On Slapping Spree In His New Video

After taking a brief moment off in early 2019, rap legend Redman is starting 2020 off with a new video that will blow your mind! He recently released his new music video “Slap Da Shit Oucha” off of his brand new 3 Joints EP. The video features Redman going on a slapping spree through the streets, nailing everyone he finds in this hilarious narrative. Redman leaves no bystanders un-slapped, as the video descends into an all-out rampage of eccentric smacking. 

 “Slap Da Shit Oucha” is aggressively humorous in its own right, with other artists such as Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda noting its comical hook. The song is accompanied by “Its a Banguh” and “Zugga” on Redman’s newest EP, all of which capture Redman’s solo energy. 3 Joints is a collaboration with Riveting Music (a subdivision of Riveting Entertainment), who has partnered with Gilla House in the past on projects like “YA!”, “I Love Hip Hop”, “1990 Now”, and most recently Redman’s wildly impactful “Black Man in America”.

 It’s no secret that Redman has always been creative with his music and visuals; “Slap Da Shit Oucha” is no different, with Redman making his return to the director’s chair alongside producer Andrew Listermann with Riveting Entertainment.

 “Slap Da Shit Oucha” is available now for download and is streaming on all platforms, along with the entire 3 Joints EP. 

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