[Watch] Rapper Knew Felony Heats Up The Streets With “Jump’N Jack” Feat Phresher

Finesse involves the unique ability to maneuver seamlessly around people or objects in a smooth manner. It’s the refinement of performance, execution, and artisanship. Rapper Knew Felony personifies finesse. He is an artist and a business savvy, forward thinking budding music mogul. Knew Felony adds class, intellect and style to his genre. He and his partner, Derrick Davis, founded Felo-NY LLC. Its goal  is to put a stamp on the independent rap game by building a huge movement one fan at a time. The firm is cut from a different cloth. The mission of Felo-NY LLC is to focus on creating gritty, authentic Hip Hop compositions that entertain and inspire at the same time. Moreover, the work ethic and grind of Felo-NY is reminiscent of such powerhouse rap labels as Cash Money Records, No Limit Records, Ruff Ryders and  Top Dawg Entertainment. 

“Our philosophical tagline is one aim, one destiny, one struggle. Together we stand and together we fall. One family, one vision, one success story,” raves Knew Felony. Artist development is a key component of the company. The mission of Felo-NY involves helping its artists create a quality sound that is commercially viable and that has the ability to compete in the marketplace. Knew Felony is a true visionary. Felo-NY LLC is working hard to restore Hip Hop back to its glory days when realness counted. The label pushes the envelope by creating refreshing sounds. It releases captivating projects that move past generic street tales and take the listener on a deeper and more introspective level. The current artists on the roster include Dee-Mac, Klu Shiest, and Al Guess. Dee-Mac delivers vivid lyrics and smooth flows over stellar production. Klu Shiest’s unique selling proposition is that he’s not afraid to be himself and he incorporates many of his life’s experiences into his music. One listen to the music of Al Guess and it’s evident that this gifted artist is destined for greatness. 

“We want to create impactful music and legendary artists.  Our ultimate goal is to give back and focus on helping our community rise to the next level,” proclaims Knew Felony.  The label is currently heating up the streets with some ambitious singles. Knew Felony is making an impact with the song “Jump’N Jack” featuring  Phresher. If you’re a fan of prolific production and lyrical bars, then this top notch music release is for you. The track is raw, intense and explosive. “Jump’N Jack” is a certified street anthem. The hard hitting song pulsates with energy.  Innovation is the centerpiece of the label. Equally important, the music video to the song is bold and profound. The editing is sleek. “We make music for the masses. We don’t have a direct target market. We have artists with a unique sound who will grab the attention of all genres of music and listeners from coast to coast,” notes Derrick Davis. Respect the grind and join the movement. 

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