[Watch] Orange County Native Michael Dean Drops Off Visuals for “TRVP”, Big Records On The Way!

Orange county native Dean Michael Martinez decided to walk away from playing College Football to pursue his dreams to make music. However, he contemplated whether making music was the right decision for himself and his young daughter.

“I always asked myself if music and the passion I had was worth the extra mile.” he explained. 

Dean Michael Martinez trusted that his talent would take him to the next level. From a young age he had a passion for music. After listening to Nas track “One Mic” he was inspired to pursue music under his real name. He decided he would go by Michael Dean Official(his name backwards). Growing up Michael Dean would study Nas and Eminem and at the age of 9 he began practicing his free styling skills. By the time he was in the 3rd grade he would freestyle with his classmates and encouraged them all to freestyle as well! 

As a teenager Michael Dean had opportunities to work with N Credible Entertainment and with Curtis Young on a music label named Good Guy Music Group. He never took these opportunities as signs he was meant to be in the music industry. In his mind he always wanted to make sure that he would be able to succeed and provide a life he never had to his daughter, London Chanel. 

Michael Dean revealed he didn’t have much growing up. When College Football didn’t work out he didn’t want to “work to live and live to work” He wanted more! He wanted to break his family’s cycle of almost making it by. 

Fast forward to now, Michael Dean is an Independent Artist with MHG under Compton Menace. He is currently working on his debut album, “Almost Famous” which is set to be released this summer!! You can expect features on this upcoming project from Caskey, King Los, Dayly, and Go Getta KB. 

His single “TRVP” was released just last month is just a sneak peak of what to expect on his freshman album. 

Aside from music, Michael Dean is a busy guy! He revealed that he is also an actor! He’s been in tv shows and films. Most recently he’s been on, Trap queen from “Tales Bet’ by Irv Gotti and he has the lead supporting role in a comedy/horror film titled “Ahockalypse”! 

What’s in store for Michael Dean’s future? He plans to keep grinding and focusing on his music career. He also tells us the possibility of working with autistic children and adults. Inspired by his sister who is Autistic and has been in and out of different healthcare facilities!

Stream “TRVP” on Apple Music and keep an eye out for his debut album “Almost Famous” coming out soon!

Follow Michael Dean’s journey on Instagram: @MichaelDeanOfficial

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