[Watch] Multifaceted Recording Artist Jerome Whitaker Drops Off “My Grind”

Hip Hop Weekly caught up with multifaceted, Michigan based recording artist Jerome Whitaker for a little Q&A, and he gifted us with his latest visuals for intro “My Grind” from his 2nd album, ‘RoseAnna’. Check it out below.

HHW: For those who aren’t familiar, who is Jerome Whitaker?

Jerome: Soon to be hottest artist in the world. The ones you least expect are the ones who are smarter than the rest.

HHW: When did you first fall in love with music, and how long have you been actively pursuing your dreams of becoming a music artist?

Jerome: Hearing your voice on a track is one thing but actually making art in recordings & visuals, that’s where the love is at, you know. It’s a blessing, so you don’t pursue your dreams of becoming a music artist. I pursue to be me and be true.

HHW: What differentiates you from other artists?

Jerome: Ain’t Nothing Like a Jerome Whitaker Record or Visual
– There’s more stuff to talk about than just violence , you know the “bang , bang , shoot em up” .. I just really work on my craft for a really long time..5 Albums in the past 3 years & the growth is amazing ..i really speak to the soul & soul music is not taken as seriously & people need that in music. That’s the type of effect I wanna have on my music ..make people cry while listening to my music because its so good then come back 10years later & cry again lol thats the type of vibe I wanna bring to the world

HHW: Are there any artists currently or before you that musically inspire you? If so, who and why?

Jerome: Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj inspired me a lot musically, because I wanted to be as big as them as a child; watching them come up the way they did. My music and visuals are touchy things to me, and I wanted to create my music as big as them.

HHW: What motivates Jerome both, in and out of the booth?

Jerome: Generational Wealth.

HHW: What are three things about you that would shock the public?

Jerome: I don’t have a budget. I don’t have a label behind me and I do everything myself. That’s what a lot of people don’t understand. With the little dollars in my pocket, I put videos together and make them look like they straight out of Columbia/Sony.

HHW: What do you feel you contribute to the culture as an artist, and what would you add to the industry?

Jerome: I have a whole energy, that represents not just black youth but white youth , Mexican youth , Hispanic youth, YOUTH you know what I’m saying that change right before you go from being 18 & unreasonable to when you go to being like 21 ,22 & the whole world on your shoulders …i believe strong that my audience emphasize with me because I show that side..i show that emotional raw uncut good & bad .. and I think I can bring that more funnel more Directed into screenplays , producer , managing

HHW: How do you balance your career with your home life? Family?

Jerome: I don’t. Home life and family come before all.

HHW: So what’s next for Jerome Whitaker musically? 2020 Goals?

Jerome: Subscribe to Jerome Whitaker anywhere to find out!

HHW: How can those looking to book you get in contact with you?

Jerome: Instagram: @ez_ljayy | Twitter: @ez_ljayy | Facebook: Jerome Whitaker| YouTube: Official Jerome Whitaker and Search “Jerome Whitaker” on all Digital distribution platforms.

Check out JW’s latest visuals below.

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