[Watch] Lil Baby Drops New Track & Video “Real As It Gets”

Lil Baby releases his new single “Real As It Gets” featuring EST Gee. This is the first track fans received since the start of 2021. The track came along with a music video. Yesterday, Lil Baby surprised fans with a sneak peek of the music video on Instagram. The caption of the post stated “Should I Go Up Tonight With @est.gee ?? I can’t decide” 

“ I been savin’ my guala, I ain’t savin’ no b**** / I had put down my Glock but I picked up a stick / Don’t get me in hating shit, I’m on some greatest shit / My people proud, I’m as real as it gets,” raps Lil Baby beginning the song off. 

EST Gee comes in right after Lil Baby’s first verse. “All this s*** started off in the kitchen / Show me once and I was paying attention / Ask the trenches they gone say I’m the realist / Official the difference between me and n*****,” raps EST Gee. 

In just a couple of hours after it’s release, Lil Baby’s music video is already reaching for a million views on YouTube. Today [March.4], the video is #2 trending on YouTube. Stream the single below.

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