[Watch] King Von’s Estate Released New Video For “Armed & Dangerous”

King Von will continue to be remembered as a hot young artist that had unlimited potential with the new release of his latest video, “Armed & Dangerous.”

On Monday, Von’s estate officially released the visual. On this track, the Chicago artist brings listeners into his world of survival and his thought process of having to constantly be on high alert.

“Red alert, armed and dangerous/I keep that Glock with me,”. “And I ain’t looking for no trouble, I’m just looking out for me/Because I done did shit to niggas, I ain’t talking no rapper beef.”

This visual directed by Jerry Production effortlessly brings Von’s lyrics to life. Jerry Production and Von teamed up to portray the rappers discomfort in trying to get used to a new lifestyle while dealing with paranoia. 

The cinematic visual begins with Von walking in a suburban neighborhood. When he goes to take out the trash, he see’s a black SUV across the street that raises suspicions. This causes his emotions to spiral as he discovers his neighborhood is full of undercover law enforcement.. 

“Armed & Dangerous” is the first track on King Von’s album, Welcome To O-Block. The album is highly regarded before and after his untimely passing. 

Watch King Von’s video “Armed & Dangerous” below.

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