[Watch] Keke Palmer Drops Jessica Rabbit Inspired Visual for “Sticky”

Keke Palmer turns into a modern Jessica Rabbit in her brand new video for “Sticky”. The 26-year-old singer and daytime host shared to Billboard the hot visual was filmed in quarantine, “which is also why it is a bit simple.”

She adds that “I was like, ‘I wanna keep it light, I wanna keep it under five [people] on set,’ you know what I mean? So it was definitely something I was being careful with and why I think also played a part in me just keeping it solo and making it just about my looks and serving you attitude and vibes with some of the art direction.” Kekealso shared that the red wig look was her favorite.

“I think I just felt like a little modernized Jessica Rabbit in the red look,” she says. “And then the makeup! I loved it so much, because it was like playing off the red, but it wasn’t red, it was pink. So to me, I was having so much fun with the look — with the whole glam, I think.”

Watch Keke Palmer’s new popping visual “Sticky” below.

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