[Watch] Keep Ascending Emcee Looney Babie On Your Radar For 2020 and Beyond

Looney Babie is more than just another rapper; he is a movement. Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he has taken the industry by storm! Looney Babie’s vocal tone is like no one else in Hip-Hop, and his penchant for candidly telling street tales on upbeat production beats is second to none. Many label executives state that Loonie is the next artist to blow. 

With hits like “Look at me now” feat., YFN Lucci, “Drill,” “My Baby,” and the runaway smash hit “All Racks” feat., Blackout Ent., Artist Gwapo Chapo which has amassed over 1,000,000 views on YouTube alone since its release, this rapper is on his way to redefining everything you thought you knew about Hip-Hop from this region of the country.

He treats music more like a therapy where he can vent about his struggles growing up in the ghetto and becoming a prosperous young black man. Loonie wants his fans to view him as a great emcee and a person they can see themselves in. 

“At the end of the day, artists who can touch the lives of the people who listen to their music are the ones who become the most influential.” He continues, “look at Lil Wayne, Tupac, NBA Youngboy, Lil Baby, J.Cole, Etc, They can be places of healing for people. I aspire to make music and to be a music artist on that level.”  


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