[Watch] How Jenny Q. Ta Wants to Revolutionize the Music Industry with Crypto

One of the major aspects that one needs to consider about the music industry is, of course, the matter of payment. While musicians play for passion, they also need to earn, so that they can sustain themselves. Now, this has always been something of a tricky subject in the industry, and as numerous artists will tell you, most have seen their fair share of cons. But that was before.

The music industry is constantly being changed and improved, and one of the most interesting changes to happen in recent times has been the launch of the CoinLinked platform. For those of you who do not know of it, CoinLinked is a social trading platform that runs on crypto currency, designed by serial entrepreneur and business wizard Jenny Q. Ta. The platform takes all the old things you would expect from a traditional marketplace and revamps them, adapting them to the digital, crypto era. It is a blockchain-based crypto-commerce network that may prove a real game-changer for many industries, including the music world.

How can crypto currency impact the entertainment industry?

Being paid through crypto constitutes a real opportunity for musicians, as well as other artists. It is a fast and secure form of payment, first of all. It cuts back on the possibility of being scammed, provided, of course, that you set some ground rules before you do any actual work for someone.

Crypto currency can also change the business dealings of artists because it is so versatile. One could argue, of course, that money itself is versatile, as you can buy pretty much anything with it. But crypto coins, such as Bitcoin, take that versatility and add so much more.

For one thing, by being paid through crypto, artists have the chance to be part of something bigger than themselves. One of the chief attractions of Bitcoin (and crypto in general) is that it is accessible to anyone and can turn anyone into an investor. The artist, of course, has the option to take out the money right then and there or he has the option to hold (or as they say in the crypto community, to hodl) the money until the respective coin goes up. That way, a $500 payment can turn into $1,000.

Through CoinLinked, a Blockchain-based social commerce platform can offer the artist the option to utilize his crypto coin to purchase goods and services such as music and subscriptions that can awaken something in him. Artists can buy anything with crypto through CoinLinked. Naturally, crypto currency is still a fairly new realm and has its risks when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, but the ability to use cryptocurrencies to buy ordinary goods and services is far outweighed by the impressive potential gains.

Jenny Q. Ta is a highly experienced businesswoman, one that is looking to revolutionize the music industry through her new platform, and give the artist more control, and subsequently more independence. She is a woman with an impressive, vast knowledge and experience in the field. Most recently, she is involved in the production of a movie or short series inspired by her book, “WALL STREET CINDERELLA – MONEY AWAKENS”.

As part of the lead-up to this exciting new release, Jenny Q. Ta teamed up with accomplished musician $tories to create the track “Bitcoin Song (CoinLinked)”. Having connected online, the two rapidly found they shared an interest in Bitcoin (and crypto currency in general), and it was this mutual fascination that sparked what looks to be one of the most interesting collabs of the year.

$tories is also involved in Jenny Q. Ta’s brand-new production which is currently in the works. More information about the production of this is expected to be released soon and considering what we have seen of these two’s collab, it is going to be a hit.

Check out the video below.

Stream the song below.

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