[Watch] H.E.R. Drops Video To Damage

At already over 300,000 views, 23-year-old R&B sensation, H.E.R. blessed listeners with her new video to “Damage”. Taking place at the Roxie Theatre in Los Angeles, H.E.R. recites her entire ballad in a live performance setting on stage with her band in the back jamming with her. Looking marvelous, the video is easy on the eyes and ears. One of my favorite artists, H.E.R. puts a lot of passion into her music and it most definitely can be felt. I swear every song of hers is a vibe.

H.E.R. feels herself, singing, “Holdin’ me tight, lovin’ me right, givin’ me life / All night, you could be / Tellin’ me lies, makin’ me cry, wastin’ my time / The whole time, so just be / Careful what you take for granted, yeah / ‘Cause with me know you could do damage”.

The single which was originally released as just an audio on October 21 of this year, features background vocals from Ant Clemons, who is also the co-writer on it. With more to look forward to, “Danger” is said to be on H.E.R.’s forthcoming album. Watch it above. 

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