[Watch] Flood Society Drops 2nd Single of 2020 “Agape Love” with Visuals

It’s time to ‘Flood the Love’! What’s a Hip-Hop love song without paying homage to the legendary LL Cool J? @FloodSociety releases their 2nd single of 2020 in “Agape Love” with @ThisIsAces doing just that. The song produced by JMR, recorded at Cold Clock Productions brings relationships to the forefront with keeping God first being imperative in finding that sacred love.

This @KavanTheKid directed video displays how our fleshly desires aren’t enough in sustaining a lasting relationship. Only true love comes from up above in the highest form from a selfless, sacrificial, unconditional #AgapeLove. The Flood continues to rise with the next wave hitting soon in the release of the Streets of Faith EP followed by the certified banger “South Side” with @skillsandvariety. The 2020 forecast is starting to look a lot like Flood Season.

Check out the official video for “Agape Love” and stream below.

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