[Watch] Fivio Foreign Taps Polo G & Kenny Beats For New Track “Bop It”

Hit it / Run his block, spin it / Uh, I be gettin’ different women / Uh, good moves,” raps Fivio Foreign. 

Fivio Foreign links up with Polo G and Kenny Beats to release new single “Bop It.” The song is inspired by the popular 1996 toy, that directs you to pull handles, twist cranks, spin wheels and of course “Bop it.” 
You can watch the commercial below. 

The 2020 XXL freshman didn’t stop there. He has a dance to go along with the “Bop It” track. Watch the “How To”  dance tutorial below. 

Fivio Foreign tells XXL he hopes to have the No.1 album. “I need Grammys. I want my music in movies. And then after that, I wanna be able to open the door and be able to put artists on … I feel like I’m pushing the culture right now—Brooklyn drill—because we bringing it to everybody faces.

We showing them where we from, we showing them how we live and we going viral. We having fun, we dancing, we doin’ it for the kids. We going viral.” Fivio reportedly has a new album on the way titled “B.I.B.L.E.” The album title stands for “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.”

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