[Watch] Dirty Harry Sheds The Spotlight On The Street Life In New Music Video “Shake Back”

Florida-native Dirty Harry‘s new release “Shake Back” is a reflection of his maturity as a musician and lyricist, but also showcases his strong passion for the streets and everything related to the authentic urban culture. “Shake Back” comes as a follow-up to “Sleepless Nights” and “Blue Face,” and all together, he has already surpassed 1M streams on Spotify alone.  

His unique sound and aesthetics sit at the intersection of everything we love about Hip-Hop, from meticulously curated beats to his carefree flow that he delivers with an impressive mastery. Well known in Florida for his years spent dropping powerful and inspiring music, Harry has been approached by national and international music professionals and press to take his career to the next level.

The not-so-secret formula that catches the attention in his music is simply the fact that he truly cares about the everyday worker and those struggling to make ends meet.

His down-to-earth nature is in perfect sync with his vivid talent and creativity, elements displayed over and over again in every joint he’s dropped so far, and yet impressively brilliant in “Shake Back.”  

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