[Watch] DanceHall Phenoms The Gutta Twins Make An Impact With “Balance”

Eclectic, mesmerizing, and dynamic are the adjectives being used to describe the dynamic Fort Lauderdale, Florida based group The Gutta Twins. When two powerful musical forces combine the outcome transcends mythical proportions. Dancehall duo Derrty and Delly are in a league of their own. They are twin brothers who have music running through their veins. The Gutta Twins possess the essential elements that comprise a great music duo, which include quality production, poignant lyrics, and unique personalities. They have uncanny chemistry. The twin brothers originally hail from Jamaica, West Indies. Their compositions contain hard Dancehall beats, gritty lyrics, and hooks that will stay stuck in your head for days! 
Music is the universal language and the Gutta Twins speak it well. They embody the essence of true poets. The duo began making music professionally in 2014. Their songs are integrity driven. The topics are passionate, ardent and forthright. The Gutta Twins write about observations and personal revelations of the everyday struggle as well as love, war, and passion. Their concert performances are filled with vibrant energy and stamina. The twins count BuJu Banton and Tory Lanez as some of their musical influences. Their philosophy is stay humble and hustle hard. Moreover, the Gutta Twins have worked with a myriad of top musical artists including  Hip Hip superstar FloRida. The group want to someday collaborate with Burna Boy and Pharell. 

The Gutta Twins undoubtedly have international appeal. They put their heart and soul into their music. “Our Fans respect the fact that we are raw and authentic. We want them to feel the power of our movement” states Derrty. Equally important,  the twins have rolled out one of the biggest independent records of the year with their sizzling single, “Balance” The stellar production on “Balance” coupled with duo’s poignant cadence, delivery and flow results into a dynamic song that is sure to be a worldwide hit. Additionally, the music video for the song was shot in the notorious Tivoli Gardens in Kingston, Jamaica. The colorful video captures the energy, vibe and flavor of the people of Tivoli Gardens. Follow The Gutta Twins on Instagram @GuttaTwins.

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