[Watch] Chi Town Rapper Boi fLOYD Aims High With “Find A Way”

Chicago has a reputation for raising young rappers who can effortlessly translate stories of street life into catchy, melodic rap songs, and Boi fLOYD is the latest to grab our attention. The main ingredient that sets him apart from his peers is the natural bounce that sits at the core of his his songs. Boi fLOYD rose to regional prominence thanks to the success of his song “Masarati Dreams,” a colossal street banger that impacted well at radio. And with other songs like the catchy “Never Change,” he’s already proven that he has a variety of styles at his disposal. His conversational cadence is poignant and precise. He makes songs for the underdogs and he proudly carries his city on his shoulders. 

Moreover, Boi fLOYD is a true “Master of Ceremony.” His live performances are filled with ferocious energy and stamina. He has an uncanny ability to connect with the crowd.  He has honed his stage presence at various music festivals including SXSW and events at The House of Blues. His songs are guided by an infectious exuberance that make them endlessly catchy. There’s also a degree of depth and soul to his songwriting. Boi fLOYD  makes songs that you can party to in one setting, and learn life lessons from in another. He can do it all. Boi Floyd’s latest single is the deep, introspect track called “Find A Way.”  “No matter who you are one thing we have in common is we all have to Find A Way to make anything possible,” raves the wordsmith. 

Check out the official video to “Find A Way” below.

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