[Watch] Akbar V Releases New Video for Ode to Drake “When To Say When”

Now, more than ever, it’s important that I put the drama away and focus on my craft. Focusing on my craft in turn makes sure that I will in-turn makes sure that I am able to be the best mother possible in the future.

Akbar V

Akbar V, daughter of Atlanta, just dropped the visuals to her ode to Drake. This video delves into the polarization of V’s alter EGO John and the impact this side of her personality has on her blossoming entertainment career and public persona.

Akbar’s song “When to Say When” is a mix between an affectionate love song to one of her musical mentors, Drake and a hood anthem for anyone going through real life trials. Affectionately called, Queen of Atlanta, Akbar V has successfully completed her second season of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. The super talented lyricist is showing the world through her talents why this may be the last season she appears in the acclaimed reality show.

Akbar says, the summer will bring new music along with visuals and a few surprises for her fans, the Akbartians. The video was filmed in North Carolina as a part of her recording tour, in preparation for her summer release of “Coldest Summer 2.”

Check out the visuals for Akbar’s “When To Say When (Freestyle)” below.

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