[Watch] ADÉ Drops Music Video For “Feel Some Way” Featuring Wale

D.C. rapper ADÉ returns with his latest track “Feel Some Way”, along with the music video, which features Wale. Both artists have collaborated in the past on tracks like “The One Time in Houston,” “Heaven on Earth” and “Smile.” 

Along with the release of his new EP wyd after?, ADÉ also shared the music video to “Feel Some Way”, which sends out a message. The visual shows how feelings of jealousy and hate can sometimes be projected. In one scene, ADÉ is seen in a closed space with individuals who he believes, are hating on him.

“When you look at them closely you see that it’s actually me looking at myself. From my perspective, this says I could very well be in the same situation doing the same thing,” he said in an interview with Complex. “From their perspective, this says the person I really have a problem with is myself and my own insecurities.”

Watch “Feel Some Way” here.

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