Versatile Musician Fresh Micks is Navigating His way Through the Music Industry

Originally working on his creative craft, Fresh Micks began making music back in 2007 when he received his first laptop from his grandparents. The first bit of work that he did on the laptop was creating a remix to Wiz Khalifa’s “This Plane” as part of a promo contest that a blog was hosting at the time. From that point on, Micks fell in love with the process of making music and knew that one day he was going to make it his full-time career.

Needing a demand for higher quality and more professional beat, Fresh Micks began teaching himself how to properly produce, mix, and master all of his work so that he could do it on his own. From 2012-2015 he released a series of popular free verses and covers on YouTube as well as a few original mixtapes, which led him to collaborate with a handful of different artists in the game. Fresh Micks is now looking to build off of those experiences and take his career to the next level in 2021.

Currently having a laundry list of new music in the works, Fresh Micks plans to make 2021 the year that his name gets put on the map. He also currently has an EP titled “Disaster,” which is out now and available for streaming on all platforms. “Disaster” is his latest project and the one that his fans have shown the most support for. The years of learning and grinding are beginning to pay off for the young artist, but he is nowhere near his end goal yet.

Fresh Micks is truly a one-of-a-kind artist who brings a versatile skill set to the equation of any project that he works on. With anticipation building around his next project and a relentless work ethic, Fresh Micks is set to have an illustrious year when it is all said and done. Keep an eye on Fresh Micks as he uses his skills to navigate his way through the music industry; it’s going to be fun to watch.

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Stream Fresh Micks’s music on Spotify here.

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