Upstate NY Artist Dirty O Creates The No Gimmicks Podcast.

Upstate NY artist Dirty O has traveled into the world of podcasting along with his music. Linking up with Co Host Bless 3k and Horsey Sun God newly recruited 4th 2 North members, they have created The No Gimmicks Podcast. The podcast is based around current events with a new perspective. The podcast also invites guests to be interviewed. We like to shed light on what the guests have going on as well as the platform. No Gimmicks Podcast is sponsored by Hip Hop Weekly Radio. NEW EXCLUSIVE SHOWS air from 12pm to 1pm every Sunday, so be sure to Download the APP and tap in. Visual Episodes are found on Dirty O’s Youtube Channel. We have already had the likes of Che Noir, battler rappers Real Deal and Bill Collector on the show along with many other talented individuals and groups.  No Gimmicks is more than a podcast, it was inspired by Dirty, Bless and Horsey love of making music. So along with the podcast, The No Gimmicks Mixtape hosted by DJ Bandana Black dropped on Feb. 18th. The No Gimmicks Mixtape is available on ALL MAJOR STREAMING SITES. This is a 9 song project where the Dirty O, Horsey Sun God and Bless 3k pick out and rap over some of the most classic hip hop beats ever. Be sure to tap in to both Podcast and Mixtape, also be sure to look out for The No Gimmicks Album as well dropping in 2021. With so much fake, phony and iffy situations that cloud the industry, No Gimmicks is bringing a fresh new feel to what the game has been missing. 

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