Upcoming Young Artist, .thrax Tackles Key Life Issues

The versatile 21 year old recording artist, Marquee Peters, who goes by the professional name .thrax, is not content to follow anyone else’s lead. Instead of creating songs about material gains, .thrax is writing music about negative situations like poverty and depression. His music and sound are different because he is not afraid to express feelings and talk about key issues.

Never content to stick with just one vibe, his recently released album taps into several genres while expressing different emotions. “I continuously go out of the box and try to hit different fan bases and listeners,” .thrax said, “and express my music in as many different genres and palates as I can.” Catchy and diverse, his music has been well received across all platforms.

The idea for his single “Like Nana” came from a cousin who suggested a song for their young generation. It talks about who they are and what they do, like having fun and Tik Tok dancing. Released at the end of August, the track strongly resonates with many who just like to have fun, and several have made videos to participate in the “Like Nana” challenge. Speaking from Long Island, New York, .thrax maintained that the song is relevant because of the importance of fun

and optimism. “Inside of us, there’s a little youth. There’s a little kid and child. We all just have to tap into that once in a while to make sure that life’s fun, and just enjoy the little things like the youth do,” .thrax asserted.

Hot on the single’s release, the album “Social Disconnect” dropped in early September. Mostly a mix of Hip Hop and Pop, the album taps into different genres including Country, Indie and R&B. Recorded at .thrax’s home studio then mixed and mastered by AJ Pillette of Biscuit Studios in New York City, the collection boasts extremely professional sound quality. While the first couple of songs are high energy party songs to get you grooving, the overall message is about depression and how it happens over a long period of time. As the album progresses, lines creep in about depression and the songs get more heart wrenching, hitting the listener with a mountain of emotions they can relate to.

Other standout tracks include “Truss Nobody” which has garnered over 100,000 streams. .thrax’s audience relates to the sentiment that, as they mature, they trade in the party life and become more comfortable being alone or with a couple of close friends. The Country track, “Pretty as a Peach” is about a conversation with a lady who argues with her man whom she loves in spite of the abuse. When the singer later learns that she has died as a victim of abuse, he ponders if his interference made the situation worse.

.thrax has seen his popularity explode, gaining one million streams and over 100,000 monthly listeners on the strength of his first five singles. Originally from Salamanca, New York, the 21-year-old has an innate ability to create captivating music in a variety of genres. He releases his music on his own record label, Encryption Records, which became the largest independent record label in New York this year.

A passionate and hard working young man, .thrax believes that individuals should not conform and that no one knows what is best for us except ourselves. His advice – don’t let it break you if someone says you can’t do it. “Go follow your heart and do what you want to do. Be the best you. No one can be you better than you.”

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“Like Nana”

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