Ty ThaGod Demolished the Competition with ”Breakdown” Visual

The definition of breakdown is a sudden collapse; a broken destruction of something; building or person, and in this case it’s the breakdown of the competition. Ty ThaGod is back and he’s starting off the new Decade to let the competition know there isn’t any. He setting the tone of how he’s coming in like a wrecking ball to destroy all doubts in anyone’s mind of his talent. 

Ty ThaGod showcases his creativity by approaching this record a little different other than the average records that’s out in todays time. Instead of the trendy flow that’s popular he switches up the momentum and delivers a flow that’s original in it’s own right. He starts off the record “I could feel in my soul I’m bout to merk you N*ggas” making a statement that he’s ready to kill the competition within the industry.

The “Breakdown” visual starts off as a spirit entity poppin up in the mayhem starting destruction and it ends with the spirit leaving after he tells you this is the Breakdown. The record is intense and the visual makes it even more worth listening too. The raw gritty sound takes you back to the days where everyone had to have their own unique style to them. The sound is reminiscent to artists DMX and Onyx along with present artists Hopsins, and Joyner Lucas.

Check out the “Breakdown” visual by Ty ThaGod above and don’t forget to check out his latest single “Running It Up” at www.tythagod.com  dedicated to everyone getting the bag. Make sure you follow him @iamtythagod and get to know him by going to his website www.iamtythagod.com

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