Ty Lashay Releases First Single “Sometimes It Rains” Sending Uplifting Message For The Masses

Ty Lashay’s debut single “Sometimes It Rains” already is receiving airplay and an incredible response in Atlanta. Patchwerk Studios helps bring out her encouraging and powerful vibe paired with beats from Chicago’s Adam Jackson.

“I wrote this song before COVID, but the message is more relevant now than ever. It’s from the heart and it is to remind us that even though we might be struggling right now, it’s going to get better.” Lashay says when speaking on the message she’s sending after losing her mother and brother during the pandemic. “Music helps more than anything right now. It’s the biggest pain reliever right now than anything.”

“Sometimes It Rains” stops people in their tracks and makes them listen. Ty Lashay takes influences from multiple genres to create an inspirational and authentic piece written from the heart. Her message is real, written for real people. Being played during the current protests on major radio stations in Atlanta and receiving incredible feedback from listeners, this single is heavy on the heart and relates. “I don’t want to write music about partying like so many people do now. I write about what’s really happening and that sends a clear message,” says Lashay. And she does just that with this single.

After months of studio work and continuous writing, Ty Lashay will spend the next few months connecting with fans and promoting on social media until music venues reopen.

To listen to Ty Lashay’s new single, follow her on social media and check out the links below:




Stream “Sometimes It Rains”


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