TruthWhy Let’s The World Know he Was Born to Speak The Truth With his Highly Anticipated Album “Risen”

The foundation has been laid and the path has been paved. Standing on the shoulders of legends, the artist known as “TruthWhy” is coming through. Don’t try to cage him because nothing can hold him. He has taken flight with the highly anticipated album, “Risen.” Turn up the volume and let him “live.” Publicist Lynn Hobson reveals, “TruthWhy has a strong foundation. He is legacy. He keeps it real with lyrics that are beyond what you would consider as being woke. His music is needed in the Hip-Hop world right now.”

Tyriq Anderson aka “TruthWhy” confesses, “I was groomed to do what I do. I was born to speak the Truth by using the platform of Hip-Hop by way of the culture.” Signed to “Black Tie La Familia Record Label” has been nothing but success for this young man who has wisdom beyond his years. His single “Race Car” has over 100K views and climbing. It was met with the same energy in “Litty or Not” featuring “Gold Mouth” streaming on all platforms. Now his current album “Risen” has been released – and it has nothing but hits from the beginning to the end.

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