True to his Name, Diverse Releases Unique New Track ‘B.B. Benson’

A young artist with a rare sound, Diverse is the perfect example of a thriving young artist. His recent release of the track “B.B. Benson” has already received outstanding responses and shows just how promising this musician really is.

At age 12, Diverse first fell in love with music while watching his father create tracks. Ten years later, he’s doing amazing things of his own with a truly diverse sound and experience to match with a perfectly complementary name. “One girl that I had come across told me that she had never met anyone like me and she was the first one to say ‘You should go by Diverse’ because I was trying to figure out a name at the time. So I ran it by my mom and she gave me more reasons. She’s like yeah you think about your nationality, think about all the different sports

you play, being a jock but also being a drama geek and then fast forward into my music. I’ve been diverse my whole life.”

Taking a deeper look into his sound, Diverse’s music has a collection of layers that he compiles to create each of his tracks. Along with this, each song has its own story and feeling that go with it. “When I go into making songs, I think about what people would want to hear if they’re raging or in a mosh pit, or how would I feel if I wanted that. What would I say that correlates with this type of vibe or this type of energy, and I’ll go into that. Whereas my singing style went into a song, I’d hear it and I go for what sounds good to the ear. It doesn’t matter what I say. I could even just be humming, but it sounds good to the ear and that’s what really draws the way I like going into certain songs.”

“B.B. Benson” in particular is a track that Diverse created in almost no time. The track took a little bit of time in the studio and Diverse knew that he had made something worth celebrating. “I was like, bro this was crazy we knew we had one, like the energy behind it. It was to the point where when you make a song, and you become a fan of that song, you can’t stop listening to it. You know you got something on your hands.”

In the coming days, Diverse plans to put out several more tracks and eventually put out a new album. He also hopes to get the ball rolling on performances as soon as he possibly can, once it becomes safe for performances again. “My goal is to tour the world and make a name for myself. The goal is to be able to take care of my family, both me and my manager want to be able to take care of our families and have no worries for them. That’s the main goal.”

“My name is Diverse and I live by that. I won’t be caught and stuck in one lane. Songs like “B.B. Benson” aren’t the only type of songs that I make, and aren’t the only songs that people will love. I’ll be flourishing because that is my name and that is what I do. I’m creating a whole new sound and Diverse is gonna be a big name in the game.”

Check out Diverse on social media and listen to his music by visiting the links below.

B.B.Benson – Diverse (Prod. Parker)

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