Tropical Pop Sensation Sofi Saint Makes Impact with “Down Boy” Video

Captivating, dynamic and spellbinding are the words being used to describe Tropical Pop artist Sofi Saint. At times brilliant and at times unique, Sofi Saint is relentlessly engaging. She has music running through her veins. Her incredible voice, magnetic delivery, and irresistible personality have already earned her acclaim among music aficionados globally. Her record label, G&L Records and manager DJ Biz are molding Sofi Saint into becoming a certified “diamond” in a music world filled with cubic zirconia artists. 

The Trinidad born songstress is living proof that when you follow your heart’s direction it leads you to your passion. Sofi Saint is a musical Tour De Force. Her intense energy and undeniable flair capture her listeners. She has an international appeal and her music ascends above regional boundaries. Sofi Saint has honed a refreshing style that combines fun, party vibes with wisdom and food for thought. Her range, cadence, and flow are spectacular. The texture of her voice is a perfect reflection of humble dominance.

True talent can’t be purchased or manufactured because it comes from above. Sofi Saint elegantly unites the smooth tropical vibes of the Caribbean with the innovative sounds of today’s pop music. Music artists are in the unique position to influence others with their mere words alone. Now that’s power! Sofi Saint has chosen to use his words to build rather than to destroy.  Standing out in an ever changing music industry is no easy task. But Sofi Saint has mapped out a recipe for success.

The versatile beauty has developed her talent amidst many obstacles. However, over the years she has beaten the odds and kept the faith. She is currently riding high off of her single entitled “Down Boy.” Sofi uses effortless lyrics and a catchy melody to her advantage on the single.  The song is sexy and tantalizing. “Down Boy” has received kudos and support from DJ’s across the nation. Stream or purchase her album “Nightmare,”  which is currently available on all streaming platforms.  Sofi Saint’s game plan for 2020 involves hitting the Billboard charts with the release of her upcoming EP later this year.  Follow this emerging star on Instagram @OfficialSofiSaint.

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